Terms of Use

Any user accepts that decisions made, or actions taken based upon interpretation of the consultant’s work are the responsibility of only the parties directly involved in the decisions or actions

Any use which a user makes of this work outside the specifically described uses, or any reliance on or decisions made based on it, are the responsibility of the user. Any user of this tool specifically denies any right to any claims, whether in contract, tort and/or any other cause of action in law, against the consultant (including Sub-Consultants, their officers, agents, and employees). The work reflects the consultant’s best judgement considering the information reviewed by them at the time of preparation. It is not a certification of compliance with past or present regulations. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the consultant, it shall not be used to express or imply warranty as to the fitness of the property for a particular purpose. No portion of this report/tool may be used as a separate entity.

Only the specific information identified has been used in the conceptual design calculations performed to generate the structural options unless specifically recorded.

No statements by the consultant are given as or shall be interpreted as opinions for legal, environmental or health findings. The consultant is not investigating or providing advice about pollutants, contaminants, or hazardous materials.

Budget figures are based on an opinion of a probable current dollar value of the work and are provided for approximate budget purposes only. Accurate figures can only be obtained by establishing a scope of work and receiving quotes from suitable contractors.